Cheapalicious beauty: Beauty-ful uses for Vaseline

Vaseline petroleum jelly has always been a staple in my family's household.  My mom and grandmother used it for everything- quieting squeaky door hinges, rubbing it on the threads of light bulbs for easy removal, etc.  Whatever they could use Vaseline for, they used it.  They got many uses out of that small jar.  Well, now it's a staple in my household.  Besides using it around the house, it's also a tool in my beauty arsenal.  Here are a few of my  beauty uses for Vaseline petroleum jelly:
  • Protects skin when coloring hair.  Apply around your hairline to make sure dye doesn't absorb into skin.
  • Moisturize chapped lips.  Instead of buying lip balm, I carry a tube of this in my purse. 
  • Tame unruly eyebrows
  • Soften your feet.  Slather on Vaseline before bedtime and put on socks.  Feet will be oh so soft and smooth by morning.
  • Use as sheer, shiny lip gloss 
  • Apply to cheeks for a dewy glow.  This tip is actually from one of my friends.  I'm afraid to try it because of my oily skin.
  • Use to soften cuticles
  • Remove false eyelash glue from lash line
Speaking of this multi tasking product, do you know that Vaseline petroleum jelly been around for 140 years?  To celebrate its 140th anniversary, Vaseline has redesigned its container by adding a flip cap top.  

Also, on Vaseline's Facebook page, they're running a contest for a chance to win a limited edition Swarovski crystal encrusted Vaseline jar, plus a $500 gift card!  Show off your creative uses for Vaseline and you may be a winner!

Is Vaseline petroleum jelly a staple in your household?  What do you think of the new flip cap packaging?

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Bajan Beauty said...

You can also use it as a base for your relaxer. That's my most common use.

Special K said...

I don't use Vaseline really, but I always have some on deck. Coming from the South and having a moma that was known to grease you up you know the importance of it. I think the flip top is genius and also makes it a bit more sleek. I really want to buy the one with shea butter next, have you tried it?

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^ i haven't tried the one with shea butter yet. there's also one with cocoa butter in it, but i haven't tried that yet.

Nuni said...

I put it on my eyelashes at night and somtimes even use it as a clear mascara. Vaseline is a mircle (my lashes look so much longer, and so healthy)!


Thumbs up on these tips(:)

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