Lunchbreak shopping: More Charlotte Russe jewelry and my top places for scoring affordable fashion jewelry!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you should know that I'm a huge fan of fashion jewelry.  I believe that a fun, bold piece of jewelry can make the most simple outfit stand out!  While out and about with one of my friends, we decided to trek into Charlotte Russe to see what new goodies they had in store.  Of course, I had to scope out their jewelry section first.  Lord knows I don't need to, but hey, a girl can never have too many accessories, right?  Here's what I bought:

[1] filigree elephant necklace $8.50.  I've been obsessed with elephant jewelry as of late.  This is my fourth piece!  The oversized pendant is what caught my eye, and I couldn't leave the store without it.
[2]  cluster ring $6.50 (no longer available online).  Me and my love of big, bold rings.  I would wear this and not think about adding a bracelet because this makes a statement on its own.
[3]  purple gems necklace $12.50 (no longer available online).  I love this necklace.  It kind of reminds me of something I would find at Anthropologie, but for much cheaper!

I love fashion jewelry and all, but I refuse to pay over $15 for a piece.  If you want to score of-the-moment pieces that won't break the bank, junior apparel stores such as Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe are the way to go with jewelry usually under $10.  Here are some of my fave places to score bargain jewelry:

  • Forever 21:  I would have to say that this is by far my favorite place to score awesome jewelry.  Inventory is usually replenished everyday with new items, so the choices are always fresh.  
  • Burlington Coat Factory:  Although I hate going in there to try to search for apparel that's been thrown about everywhere, I love looking through their jewelry section.  To my surprise, it's not in disarray as the rest of the store (at least not at my local store), and  I've bought a great deal of my jewelry from there.
  • Charlotte Russe:  Oh how I love the 2 for $8 deals on most of their jewelry.  My bracelet collection is mostly from there because of the 2 for $8 (lol)
  • Thrift stores: Sometimes my local thrift stores can be hit or miss with the jewelry, but when it's a "hit", I usually walk away with some awesome pieces.  Treat second hand jewelry like you would treat secondhand clothes- make sure they're in decent shape (if it's broken, but fixable, and you like it, buy it!) and always disinfect when you bring them home.  
Where do you shop for your fashion jewelry?


Fay. H. said...

oh i love the 3rd piece! I go crazy over flower and purple accessories! Great finds! If there was a Charlotte Russe near my place, I'll be heading there everyday!

Bunni said...

Nice haul! My go-to spots for fashion jewelry are Charlotte Russe and Gabriel Brothers. I check out F21, Burlington, and H&M whenever I'm out of town and see one and usually find something nice.

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