Target/Kohl's Weekend Haul

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. As for me, I'm working, but I didn't let that stop me from checking out some great deals. I've been super busy between work, finding new work, and writing. On top of all that, I've challenged myself to shop my closet more, and to spend less money. It's going well so far, but a good deal is soooo hard to pass up.

I received an email from Kohl's that contained a shopping pass giving $5 off any in-store purchase, and 15% off any purchase. The best part? They could be combined! Of course, I browsed the clearance racks first. Nothing caught my eye, until I headed over to jewelry. For anyone who doesn't know, Kohl's carries great jewelry. Check out my finds:


My total: $23.80
After discounts ($5 off and 15% off): $16.54

According to my receipt, I saved $58.02

I was proud of myself for scoring cute jewelry for under $20.

After this, I went over to Target. I've been eyeing this bag:

It's pretty much a dupe of this Proenza-Schouler bag:

I wanted the green, but I settled for the off-white since it was the only one left.

Aaaaaand....it was marked down from $34.99. The tag said $24.98, but it scanned for $8.74!!! Score!!!


SnackyJackie said...

Wow, that's a big score on the bag! lol Good stuff!

adorepink said...

your haul is a win! especially that target bag ringing up for so cheap!
You know whats funny? I had planned my first shopping trip to Kohls this weekend and had my shopping pass all printed out, but then didn't go because I spent too much money at Sephora. oh well, theres always next time!

Rai said...

I love that ring! And omg loving that bag. I don't remember seeing it at my Target. :/

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

That happens to me a lot I think it's one price and it scans much cheaper, great find for sure on that bag!

SiSi Sparkles said...

I love stacking those coupons at Kohls! Those jewelry pieces are so cute! I saw your post when I was still in bed, and shot up immediately when I saw the Target bag!! I'm gonna go check it out, thanks Niki!!

sweetkiss said...

omg that bag is so cute, i must check out my local target lol i wish i got coupons for kohls, but i guess it's a good thing since i would prolly be shopping away

cynthia said...

Sweet deal on that bag!!! Did you happen to see the new top handle bags that Target has now??

jenn said...

I absolutely loved that bag when I bought it, but I had to return it.
It smelled absolutely awful, like cheap plastic and polyurethane. I was so disappointed!

Bajan Beauty said...

Great deal! I have the same exact bag, maybe I need to go back and get the olive green, or all the colors for that price, lol.

Anonymous said...

I love the bag; it's totally on trend (satchel). I'm such a Target addict--I will be looking for that bag on my next trip.

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