Cheapalicious Review: Brazilian Peel by AHA

I never had a professional chemical peel done before.  They're a little too expensive for me, so I always try to find a less expensive, at home treatment. I've used the Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel pads  by Avon and those seemed to work well for me, but I want something stronger.   I was given the opportunity to test out the Brazilian Peel by AHA (Advanced Home Actives). To tell you the truth, I've never even heard of this product, and how have I've not heard about it if it was voted for a Breakthrough Award in 2010 by Allure Magazine?  I have my face glued to that magazine every month, so I totally missed that one.  Anywho, the Brazilian Peel is made with 30% medical strength glycolic acid and acai berry, and a q-mag mineral neutralizer to control the peel strength.  It's housed in a syringe-like dispenser to ensure uniform application.

When I first saw this syringe-like dispenser- before I read the instructions and really paid attention to the dispenser- I was hoping I didn't have to inject myself with this stuff (lol).  I didn't (whew!). As you can see, the glycolic acid (clear gel) and the neutralizer (white cream) are housed in two separate chambers. The directions are simple, you just twist the cap, dispense the product in your hand, mix it together, and then apply to your face.  

What it claims:
  • Removing the upper layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh new skin below
  • Enhancing moisture retention and improving the efficacy of treatment products
  • Hastening cell regeneration to bring fresh, new, soft skin to the surface
  • Restoring skin's elastin and collagen building function to tighten, firm, and plump skin
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots
  • Repairing and reversing sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, dullness, roughness, and dryness
  • Reducing the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Soothing and calming via magnesium and sulfur
  • Maintaining a radiant, youthful complexion with continued weekly use
  • No redness or irritation

My skin before I started using the Brazilian Peel.  I really want to lighten up these old acne scars and have a smoother texture.

My experience:  First things first, I cleansed my skin and pat it dry. When I dispensed the product into my hand and mixed it together, I felt a warm sensation from the gel and the neutralizer. I then applied a thin layer of the mixture to my face and waited for ten minutes. As I let it dry, I felt a slight tingling, but nothing unbearable.  I also felt my face "tighten" while the mixture dried- kinda like when you apply an egg white mask to your face and it firms up. I then rinsed and applied my moisturizer (moisturizer is a MUST).  I noticed that my skin was smoother and much more radiant after one use as it promised. The radiance and smoothness lasted until the end of the next day, then my skin was back to the way it was pre-peel. I didn't experience any irritation or peeling, and that's a plus.  I've heard stories where people got professional peels done, and the redness and peeling lasted for a day or so. After four weeks of use, I was hoping it would've done away with these old acne scars that I have, but unfortunately it didn't.  Maybe with long term use, they will gradually go away.  Who knows.

My dark spots are still there (sigh).  Since it's been really hot and humid out lately, I've broken out a bit.  This is not a reaction from the product.  

Would I use this product again?  I would, because I loved the glow it gave my skin and how soft my skin felt.  It gave my skin a little pick me up! Other than that, it really didn't do any drastic changes to my skin like I'd hope.  It would also help if the price were a tad bit cheaper, because $78 can be a bit costly for some people.  That's just my opinion.  But, if you're looking for a much cheaper alternative to a professional chemical peel, then try it for yourself.  

Brazilian Peel by AHA can be purchased at Sephora, Brazilianpeel.com, and Advanced Home Actives.  A four week supply is $78, or you can purchase a single application for $23.

Have you tried Brazilian Peel?  How has it worked for you?

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eRiN said...

Hey, you've been tagged for an award on my blog :)

Trayceeee said...

I wouldn't put anything on my face that speeds up cell regeneration. Google what cancer is. Uncontrolled cell replication. Not saying this product will cause cancer.... but scaryyy!

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