Cash, Check, Charge: T-strap wooden platform sandal

The perfect shoe to transition from summer to fall.  Which pair's in your budget?

CASH:   "Jayden" t-strap peep toe sandal $35.40, Urban Og
CHECK:   Jessica Simpson "Dany" platform sandal $99 (on sale right now for $94.05!), Shoes.com
CHARGE:   Jeffrey Campbell "Foxy" wooden platform sandal $125, Karmaloop


Aggie602 said...

Love these. Me likey the $35 price tag ones!! Theres relly no point in spending hundred when you ahve a great cheap version.

The Key To Chic said...

I saw the Urbanog version, wondering what took them so long! I have the Danys, and love the heel height, but they are not comfortable!

Mad For Fashion said...

I am getting ready to cry real tears in here. I have been in the look out for the Dany platform like in forever but I don't want to pay $100 and something for them. Anyway when I saw your other version for $35 and jumped on their site but sadly the don't make half sizes :(! I guess this will be one pair that will never be meant for me...LMAO. Thanks you for this post this sure is a true bargain!

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