Cheapalicious DIY: Tribal bead hoop earrings

When it comes to my stash of earrings, just like my rings-, I like them big and bold!  I wanted something different to add to my collection, so I decided to try a little DIY this weekend. With a pair of hoop earrings and some tribal-esque beads, here's what I came up with.

Materials used:
  • hoop earrings.  I just grabbed a three-pair pack of hoop earrings from Citi Trends for $2.99, but usually, I would use an old pair that I have laying around.  
  • crafting beads $3.49 each, Michaels.  I had a 20% off coupon when I bought the beads, so they were a little under $6

My next earring DIY will probably be a pair inspired by the earrings worn by the "Basketball Wives". Stay tuned...


Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

i like those!!! I repurpose earrings from old earrings to new ones too.

Fefe said...

Yesssss. BBQ Wives earrings! Yes, I said BBQ Lol. Can't wait girl!

customized bracelets said...

Nice DIY, really huge earrings! Reminds me of the retro oversized accessories of Madonna in the 80s, that’s a good thing!