Cheapalicious on the Scene: A little bit of Riddim Runway 2011

Yesterday, the hubby and I stepped out for the evening to attend the fourth annual Riddim Runway fashion show and concert held in downtown Fort Myers.  The runway show featured fashions from R. Milton and Old Navy, just to name a few,  as well as performances from reggae music artists Glenn Blakk, Juliette Mills, KEHV, Ky-Enie, Keisha Martin, and Wayne Wonder.  It was a very awesome show for the little time that we spent there. We ended up leaving a bit early because I got sick, but here are a few pics that manage to snap.

Carnival costume designs embodied the natural elements (earth, wind, and fire) in this runway show. The name of the designer escapes me, so if any of my local readers were there, please leave the name of the designer in the comments.  These designs will be featured at Miami's Carnival this year.

 This was a special design for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hence the pink.

All the models dancing

Reggae artist Glenn Blakk

After Glenn Blakk's performance, models walked out wearing fashions from Old Navy.  I didn't snap any pics because I was busy stuffing my face and running my mouth with my aunt.  My apologies.  Then the models came out modeling swimwear from R. Milton.  I didn't get too many pics from that showing because during that time, I was in a bad spot, so I snapped what I could, plus it was starting to get dark.  Sorry for the blurry pics.

Soca artist Juliette Mills.  Very good performance!

We left after this performance because the food and the beer didn't agree with my stomach.  While were about to drive off, we heard the host announce that outfits being modeled in the next runway show were all under $20!  Man, I would've love to stick around for that show. Sometime later, the other music guests came out and performed.  I sure hate that I missed Wayne Wonder's performance, but hopefully he'll be one of the performers for next year's show.  

To all my Southwest Florida readers, did any of you attend Riddim Runway?  

Photo credit:  Niki Cheapskate for Cheapalicious


Fefe said...

Ohhh... Looks neat! I love the costumes, especially the breast cancer one.

MrsWardy88 said...

Wow it looks like you had a ball. I wouldve loved to see those outfits under 20.

Steph said...

So funny but i came exactly when you left I know... i came late lol. I loved the 20 dollars outfits the most but Ky-Enie and Wayne Wonder were wonderful. I'm glad that I found out about it from your blog :)
I have a post here if you wanna see a little bit of the rest

Niki Cheapskate said...

@ steph- ahh man. i wish i could've met you, but i was feeling too terrible to stay and enjoy the rest of the festivities. glad you had a great time!

Andi said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! Looks like it was a good time! While I'm not sure exactly who designed them, I believe these costumes are by Euphoria Mas Camp. They're gorgeous!

Niki Cheapskate said...

@ andi- YES! Euphoria sounds familiar, and i think that's who designed the costumes. thanks!

Steph said...

@ Niki i was looking for you when i got there lol. Yes I enjoyed it. I'll meet you one of these days... as long as there are free and cheap fun stuff going on I'll be there lol

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