Lunchbreak Shopping: "Red zone" MNG by Mango clearance and I have the most awesome readers!

I popped into JC Penney a couple of days ago to check and see if any of the MNG by Mango merchandise was marked down. I received a coupon for $10 off $25 or more MNG by Mango purchase, so I decided to put it to use. There was this particular dress that I was stalking that I hoped got marked down and I was excited to see that it was marked down to only $12!  The bad news is that it didn't fit me.  Bummer.  I really wanted that dress. However, I did find a pair of black skinny jeans marked down to $15 and these two necklaces at $10 and $6, so my coupon didn't go to waste.  I ended up paying a little over $22 (tax included) for all three items.  Score!

The necklace on the left was originally $49.90 and the one on the right was originally $29.90.  Ouch!  I don't think I would ever pay that much for fashion jewelry, whether it be from Mango or anyone else.

The $10 off $25 MNG by Mango coupon is available and is good until 10/29/11!  You can even use it on clearance items (as you can see I did).  Click here for the coupon.

One of my Twitter followers and avid Cheapalicious reader, Taya, spotted this tee while doing a little shopping at TJ Maxx, and had me in mind.  She picked it up for me and sent it to me, along with these cute earrings.  I am very grateful!

closeup of earrings

She even included a little note for me, and I got a little teary eyed reading it.  Thank you so much, Taya!

I'm glad that some people enjoy reading my blog. My blog may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's nice to know that some people find it to be pretty awesome, and I appreciate that. There were times that I wanted to give up on this blog because I didn't have time to update it or I just plain ran out of ideas, but everytime I spot a deal, I just have to share it with you guys, and that's what pretty much keeps this blog going.  Thanks for the love, everyone!


Kimberly said...

Amazing deal on the MNG stuff!! I may have to go check it out!

Melu103 said...

aww how nice of her to
send you that stuff!

i want a shirt like that :)

i love your blog!!!!



Niki Cheapskate said...

thank you ladies!

MrsWardy88 said...

This is EXACTLY how I feel! You have my support doll face, continue to inspire.... All the way from TAMPA! lol

Niki Cheapskate said...

thank you so much mrswardy88!

Fefe said...

Awww now that IS love! I like the shirt. That is so cute.

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