Influenster Holiday VoxBox

I'm sure by now, all of you have heard of Influenster.  If not, learn about it here.  Anyone can join and it's free!

  I received the Holiday VoxBox from Influenster last week, and here are the contents of it:

  1. SoftSoap Coconut Scrub bar soap: I actually bought a pack of this soap from Walmart weeks ago, and I love it.  I'm a big fan of the body wash in this fragrance, so I was glad to see that it comes in bar soap form.  I love how it gently exfoliates my skin and is not too harsh.  I do wish that the fragrance was a little more noticeable as its body wash counterpart.  The coconut smell is very faint (to me) in this bar. Overall, it's a good soap and I will try the other fragrances that are available.
  2. Montagne Jennesse Passion Peel Off Mask:  I'm a big fan of peel off masks, so I can't wait to try this one.  Made with passionflower and pomegranate extracts, this mask is supposed to deep cleanse, purify, and protect.  We shall see when I do an upcoming review on it.
  3. imPress Press On Manicure by Broadway Nails:  I'm actually not a fan of press on nails.  I tried them (not this brand) for the first time a few years ago, and they just felt too weird on my actual nails.  Plus, I didn't want to mess them up by doing my everyday activities, so I took them off after one day of wearing them.  The design of these nails is very pretty.  I think I may give these to my niece.
  4. LaraBar:  A new to me brand, the LaraBar is a fruit and nut bar made from only 2 to 9 natural ingredients.  I received the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar in my box, and it was pretty tasty.  I loved the fact that it was not too sweet, and it sure came in handy while I was making a trek through the fleamarket shopping for last minute Christmas gifts.  It kept my hunger at bay until we left for lunch after we were done shopping.  I will definitely try these bars again.
  5. Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum:  I buy Mentos mints every blue moon, but I think I'm going to start buying this gum more often. Its crunchy outer shell "contains a green extract core that provides and immediate burst of coolness for long lasting fresh breath."  It's sugar free and the flavor lasts for quite a while. I like the sturdy little container it comes in, too.
  6. NYC Liquid Lip Shine in "Nude York City":  I own these lipglosses in a few other colors and I love them.  I haven't tried this shade yet, but from the looks of it, I think it's a little too light for me anyway.  

Influensters, have you received a VoxBox?  What are your thoughts on the products?

Disclosure: I received these complimentary  products through Influenster’s VoxBox program.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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hi there! i adore your blog and I am so glad to have met u in the "cyberworld."
I just awarded you the Kreativ Award and here is the link:

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