Cheapalicious Beauty: Finger Paints nail color in "Twisted"

Finger Paints nail color in "Twisted" $5.99, Sally Beauty.  This was bought prior to the start of my $50 a month challenge.

Here's the newest nail color that I've added to my stash, Finger Paints' "Twisted" from their Special Effects Collection. Some say it could be a dupe for Sally Hansen's "Hidden Treasure", but I wasn't able to get my hands on "Hidden Treasure" (the original, not the new version), so I can't make a comparison. From what I see, "Twisted" looks a bit flakier than "Hidden Treasure.   I used two coats of L'oreal's "Owl's Night" for the base, two coats of "Twisted"- although one coat would've been enough-, and one coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast topcoat for my mani.

indoors with flash

outside no flash

Do you own "Twisted" or any of the other polishes from the Special Effects collection?


Andra said...

Is the base color a bronze? It looks lovely! I picked up Twisted and Asylum this afternoon at Sally. They are fabulous!


Managed to get them all.. Now need backups.. but everyones coming out with flakies.. I want the zoya ones now.. So much polish, so little time

Niki Cheapskate said...

@andra the base color is more of a deep purple/dark bronze? it's a weird color, but i love it! it's from l'oreal's project runway collection.

@everythingsdiamond all of them kinda looked the same to me in the bottles, but once i saw the swatches, they're very different. love! i didn't see the zoya ones yet

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