Cheapalicious Links of the Week

photo source:  A Dime on a Dime

  • Vee finds a $50 dupe for Prada [Dime On a Dime]
  • Ten fabulous DIY fashion ideas [All Women Stalk]
  • Get Golden Globe inspired accessories on the cheap! [Penny Chic]
  • An easy DIY manicure to try-  Zooey Deschanel's tuxedo nails mani! [The Budget Babe]
  • Win a $100 ShopBop giftcard from Budget Chic! [Budget Chic]

As of today, I am no longer doing "Freebie Friday" posts.  Reason being is because there haven't been a lot of freebies coming to my inbox lately and I don't want to waste a post on the 3-4 freebies that I do get.  I will still share them, but they will be on the Facebook page and on Twitter.  If you have freebies that you want to share, email them to me (I'll give full credit of course), share them on the Facebook page or tweet them to me and I'll retweet them. Thanks for understanding.  Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Mad For Fashion...For Less said...

You know I will go with the look for less and honestly they both look exactly the same. No one doesn't need to know that they are not the actual Prada...lol

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