Weekend Finds: Day 1 of the $50 a month challenge....

Well, today is the official start of my $50 a month shopping challenge.  Yay!  My original plan was to go and do a little bit of thrifting, but there was a change of plans to take a little road trip to Port Charlotte.  Once there, we grabbed lunch and took a walk through the mall.  I only brought $20 with me, so if I spotted something that I liked (and could incorporate into my wardrobe), my goal was to spend way under the $20 if I could. Today I only spent $17.  Here's what I bought:

Bath and Body Works body sprays in Carried Away, Country Chic, and Japanese Cherry Blossom $1.25 each.  Bath and Body Works is having their "Hello Yellow Sale", so these sprays were 75% off, making them only $1.25 each.  With tax, this purchase was $4.01

hoop earrings $3.99 and dangling earrings $2.99.  These were purchased from a store called "Chic" (formerly known as Charmed 11).  I also bought a Nicka K lipstick in "Loud" for $2.99 and a lip pencil for $1.99 (pictured below). I've only tried the nail colors from this brand and they're pretty decent, so I'm quite sure that the quality of the lipsticks are decent as well.  The peacock ring was free.  I think if you spend over $10, you get a free ring.  Sweet!  My total purchase with tax was $12.80

Here are a few questions I've gotten about the challenge:

Q. What does the "$50 a month challenge" cover?
A.  Since this is my personal challenge, I've decided to only limit my spending on clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair products, etc., because those are the things that I tend to spend my extra money on in a month.  If you're planning on joining the challenge, you can cut back spending on anything you like- whether it's eating out or cutting back on makeup, it's totally up to you.

Q.  What if you don't spend all of your $50 for the month?
A.  I will either carry the remaining balance over to the next month, or put it in my savings.

Q.  How long will you do this challenge?  A month? Six months?  A year?
A.   I haven't specified how long I'm going to do the challenge. After this first month is over, I'm going to decide whether or not I want to keep going. I will keep you updated!

I have $33 left and 29 more days to go. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good job girl, keep it up! xoxo

Fefe said...

You did good girl! I love the hoop earrings actually. Are those full size body sprays?!?!

Niki Cheapskate said...

thanks ladies!
@fefe those are the 3 oz bottles

Real Girl Glam said...

You got some really great deals!! Definitely making the most of your money. I did this challenge a few months back and it really helped me realize how much I was spending that I could be saving! Thinking I should try it again.

My Dressy Ways said...

Great deals! I tried to limit myself to $100 a couple months ago and failed. :( I'll be checking in to see how you do!

IMPR(4L)ess said...

You did really good!!

Niki Cheapskate said...

thanks ladies!

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