Current Obsession: Shoulder duster earrings

Although not a new trend, long shoulder grazing earrings have been on my radar as of late.  Ever since I bought my first pair from Dots last year, and a dangling butterfly pair from MIZ Outlet, I've been wanting more to add to my earring collection.  I've been spotting tons of them at Burlington Coat Factory, so I may make a trip to go scoop up a pair.  I've been searching the web and came across a few for under $30.  Check em' out below:

  1. long bead chain earrings $6, Charlotte Russe
  2. half coat chain earrings $20, Topshop
  3. metallic feather shoulder duster earrings $29, Arden B
  4. sparkly stud and dangling bead earring set $29.90, Express
  5. tiered leaf earrings $4.80, Forever 21
  6. "stone age" earrings $1.99, MIZ Outlet
More options....


The Curvy Girl said...

You just made my day with this MIZ Outlet thing...I am all over it! Thanks!

Niki Cheapskate said...

you're welcome! i love that site!

Budget Chic said...

Oh yes, I went out Saturday night and my friend was wearing a pair and now I want some.

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