Shopping for men's shoes

Men's shoes are one of the hardest things to buy. Many guys don't know anything outside of their work shoes and their sneakers. Trust me, I know- my husband's one of them. So, when it comes time to find men's shoes on sale, some guys just don't look that hard. They find some sneakers they like and they move on. However, a guy can have a very large shoe wardrobe that matches their personality and suits just about every article of clothing they have. If guys play it right, they can have a reason to have many pairs of shoes.

The first thing to check on are dress shoes. Every guy should own at least two pairs of dress shoes-  lace-ups and a pair of loafers. Lace-ups can be wing tips or more plain, but they should probably be black. Really, no guy can have too many black shoes. If you want to diversify your wardrobe a little, you'll need a pair of burgundy, or cordovan shoes as well. Loafers look good in black, but brown is a really nice color for a couple pairs of loafers to wear to work with your lighter suits or even your blue suits.  Here are a couple pairs from Macy's that I've found (on clearance, score!) for under $100.

Via Europa Scranton oxfords $59.99

Madden Rhode dress boot $44.99 (reg. $70)

Casual shoes do not have to be just sneakers. There are nice boat shoes, but there are also shoes designed by luxury brands that are not for the office. Plus, there are reinvented sneakers and stylish interpretations of old classics. You could choose from one of many different kinds of casual shoes and have a different casual shoe for everyday you're off work.  Check out my choices below.

Sketchers "Murray" slip ons $55.99 (reg. $75)

Nike low chukkas $51.99 (reg. $70)

Buying the right shoes was never so simple.

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gemidevi said...

My brother learned from me the value of matching shoes to your outfit and personality! So, he has a HUGE wardrobe of shoes. He'll even check out shoe sales with me! LOL

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