Star Style under $200: Nicki Minaj

 Usually, I don't agree with Nicki Minaj's outfit choices (too over the top for me), but for some reason, I'm digging this dress!  I'm loving everything colorblock right now, and this dress is so "me".  I would style this dress with some opaque tights, a black blazer, and black ankle booties for the current winter temps, and pair with killer pumps for a night out on the town look when it warms up.  Anywho, check out my budget friendly re-creation of Nicki's outfit below, with finds from Forever 21, MIZ Outlet, Zappos, and Urban Og.

GRAND TOTAL= $161.64


Nina Sparr said...

Ha! Okay, I HAD to comment on this post. So, first off, I totally agree that this dress is actually pretty cute. I would totally rock that. But, this post just happened to be the first one that popped up on my google reader this morning, and I (to be honest) just looked briefly at the headline and picture. And totally thought "Really? Why would I want to look like Nicki Minaj?! So... that dress is kind of cute... but... Nicki Minaj?"

And then I got distracted by something shiny, per usual, but when I come back around to my reader tab, I actually read the paragraph BETWEEN the headline and the pic =) and HA! Very first line "I don't usually want to re-create a Nicki Minaj look..." I just found that entertaining, since you pretty much had the same thought, and explained it right there!

Anyways, thought you might find that at least somewhat entertaining! =) I'm a pretty new reader, but Love the blog from what I've read so far! It's quickly becoming a favorite! Keep up the awesome posts! Even if every once in awhile Nicki Minaj gets the spotlight. =)

Nina Sparr said...

Ooh! And just to clarify, I don't want to rile up an angry mob of Nicki Minaj fans!

While I'm still not always sure what to think about Nicki Minaj's antics... Overall, I think she's pretty damn awesome! So, previous post, not at all meant to hate on Nicki! Just that it is a rare situation that she has an outfit that I could even begin to consider wearing in the real world! I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga, but you won't find me trying to re-create many of her outfits on the cheap either. ; )

Just wanted to make sure I didn't start a Nicki Minaj comment war. =) Thanks again for the awesome post!

Ms Fefe said...

How much for that lace front she's rockin? :-)

Niki Cheapskate said...

@nina: no biggie, lol. this is probably the first time i actually liked something she wore.

@fefe: girl, you are a mess, lol

Trappers Delight said...

Go Nicki....I think lol..good post as usual.

Mesha said...

I agree. Though I love Nicki its rare that she wears something that I'd want to recreate. I wanted to get this for my birthday in two weeks but i think they took it off the site recently :-( my heart is broken...Anywho I'm a new reader as well & I absolutely love your post! Keep 'em coming!