Product Review: Every Drop Beauty Spatula

 Every Drop Beauty Spatula $14.99 (comes with two spatulas, zipper pouch, and three cosmetics jars)

To help me along with my now suspended $50 per month shopping challenge, I was sent the Every Drop Beauty Spatula to try out.  The Every Drop Beauty Spatula is a tool designed to get that last little bit of product out of a near empty bottle. It can be used on just about any shape or size bottle or container, and it can be used on all creams, liquids and lotions including serums, foundation, hair products, etc.  I try my best not to let my facial moisturizers and body lotions go to waste, so I kinda give the bottom of the bottle a few taps and pump out as much as I can until I'm tired.  I KNOW I'm not the only person who does this (lol).  After all of that, I go ahead and throw it out.  There's just no way that I can get the rest of that product out, so why even try.  But, this tool has made it so much easier.

Long flexible handle, and the spatula can fit through most bottle openings.

The curved bottom of the spatula really helps in getting that extra product trapped underneath the "shoulder" of the bottle. 

I used it on my bottle of moisturizer.  I was amazed at how much product was still in there, although it seemed  like there was nothing left.  After scraping as much as I could out of the bottle, I rescued about a week's worth of product that would've probably went into the garbage.


Have you ever tried the Every Drop Beauty Spatula?

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