Nifty under $50: Kirna Zabete at Target

On my most recent trip to Target, I've noticed that the Kirna Zabete at Target (second installment of the The Shops at Target) displays were up.  Mind you, my local stores never get the designer collabs in on their debut dates, so I was a bit surprised to see that for once, it was there.  I didn't have time to try on anything, but I made a mental note of what I wanted for my next trip to Tar-jay.  Hopefully, everything is still there, because I've heard that this collection is going fast.  Here are my top picks from the collection, all under $50. 

  • faux leather skirt $39.99:  I had in mind to add a leather/ faux leather to my wardrobe for Fall, and this may be the one.  I love the a-line cut of it, and it would look so cute with tights and ankle boots.
  • ikat print long sleeve shirt dress $39.99:  Love the print, and this would look cute with tights and ankle boots as well.
  • sleeveless tie front blouse $26.99:  I can dress this up with a pencil skirt and blazer for the office, or with a pair of colored skinnies for the weekend.  I try to stay away from sleeveless tops, but this one is too cute to pass up.  Hopefully, I like the fit of it when I do try it on.
  • snake classic handbag in blue $39.99:  Snake print and cobalt blue?  Yes please!
  • zip front sleeveless tweed/ faux leather dress $44.99:  I think layering a classic white button down shirt would look so cute underneath this, no?  Add some knee high boots and I'm good to go!

What did you get from the Kirna Zabete at Target collection?


Anonymous said...

First, I wanted to thank you for linking to my blog under your "Cheapalicious Reads" column. That is very sweet of you! :) Second, I really like this collection. The dresses are really nice and seem very well made. I love the leather skirt, but I found one at F21 so I didn't get that. I tried on the white version of that sheer dress and the sleeves were so long, it looked sort of balloonish. But I love the print. The bags are amazing and I'm hoping there will still be some on clearance later. The one thing I did get full price was the tweed and leather trim dress. It is soooo flattering and looks totally retro. I can't wait to wear it this fall and winter. It's an amazing dress!! Hope you got something good when you went back! <3

The Love Hanger

Niki Cheapskate said...

you're very welcome, toni! i haven't gone back yet, but i'm really hoping that these pieces fit me well. sometimes, my body can be hard to dress, lol

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