Nifty under $50: Burgundy

The color burgundy..... maroon, wine, or "oxblood" as the fashion world is calling it these days, is the "it" hue of the season!  You can pair it with anything -from chic neutrals such as black, gray, or navy, to prints such as leopard or houndstooth, this deep, rich color amps up the luxe factor for almost any outfit.  Ready to add some burgundy to your wardrobe?  Check out these budget friendly pieces below.

Product info:  tie collar daytime dress $27.80, Forever 21// almond toe wedge $24.80, Forever 21//  Romeo and Juliet Couture cords, $44.99, Loehmann's //  sleeveless peplum top $36, TopShop //  midi tube skirt $40, TopShop

More options for every budget:


miss donna said...

oxblood. i can't. i've decided to call the color Burgundy 2K12..or something like that. now about that skirt - would love to get my hands on one!

Niki Cheapskate said...

yes! i love the skirt!

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