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"Her Sexiest Designers" gift set $6.99, FragranceRebel.com

I'm going to be honest with you, I'm not really big on wearing cologne.  I've received bottles of cologne in the past for Christmas and birthday presents, and they either were given away to friends or are still sitting on a shelf in my closet.  The ones that are sitting on the shelf, I just spray on a dab whenever I go out (which is pretty rare nowadays), so they're pretty much still full. I do, however, love body sprays.  They're so much lighter than cologne, and I can pretty much spray it all over my body without feeling like I've bathed in it. In the past, I received Body Fantasies or Designer Impostors body spray gift sets (both brands are owned by Parfums de Coeur, you can find at any major drugstore or big box retailer), and although I don't use every fragrance in the sets, I have my faves that I end up purchasing.  The online home of Parfums de Coeur's fragrance portfolio, FragranceRebel.com,  has sent me Designer Impostors "Her Sexiest Designers" gift set to try out.  The gift set includes three 1.7 oz body sprays- Capri Breeze, Ink'd, and Head Turner:

Disclaimer: I never smelled any of the designer versions, so I can't draw a comparison between the designer and the Designer Impostors versions.
Capri Breeze:  This is Designer Impostors' version of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue.  Top notes consist of apple, lemon, peach, citrus blossom; mid notes consist of freesia, violet, and marine accord; base notes consist of white musk, cedarwood, amber.
What I thought:  Although I liked the clean, fresh fragrance of Capri Breeze, I found it to be a tad bit overpowering, and I got a slight headache from it. I sprayed it on as soon as I was done showering, and the scent lasted until the next morning (by then it was faint).  I don't know if I'd wear this fragrance again.

Ink'd:  This is Designer Impostor's version of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier fragrance.  Top notes consist of ruby red grapefruit, paradise apple sorbet, wild strawberry, hawaiian apple, fresh water accord; mid notes consists of Lily of the Valley, Bulgarian rose, and ballerina freesia; base notes consist of white musk, vanilla, Australian eco-sandalwood, and amber crystals.
What I thought: I could really smell the wild strawberry and white musk notes in this one.  I love that the floral notes balances out the fruity notes, so it doesn't smell too sweet. I think I could wear this fragrance everyday.

Head Turner: This is Designer Impostor's version of DKNY's Be Delicious.  Top notes consist of pink Barbados grapefruit, Red Delicious apple, cucumber, and melon granita; mid notes consist of Angel Face rose, cyclamen petals Lily of the Valley, magnolia blossom, and star jasmine; base notes consist of eco-sandalwood, skin musk, and blushing kiss iris.
What I thought: This is my favorite scent in the set.  I love the fresh, clean scent and you can really pick up the apple and cucumber notes in this one.  Doesn't smell too sweet or fruity, and I like that.  I could wear this one everyday as well.

Overall, "Her Sexiest Designers" would make a great holiday gift.  These scents are also available in Spray Colognes if you want something a little stronger than the body sprays and Fragrance Deodorant Body Sprays.  Whether you want to test run a fragrance before you invest in the real deal, or you simply just like the scent, but not the price of the designer fragrances, then these body sprays won't put a dent in your wallet.  

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Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

They sent me some too and I'm loving the scents!
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