Window Shopping: New Spring footwear @ Target!

Yesterday, I finally decided to leave the house and run some errands. Where did I end up? At the happiest place on Earth, of course- Target! My intentions were to go in and buy cleaning supplies (we've all heard THAT before), but somehow, I ended up over in the shoe department.  I wanted to see what new goodies have arrived, and man, there were some goodies! Wedges galore and cute little flats- all begging to be a part of my wardrobe.  I snapped a few pics of some of the new spring offerings, but I didn't purchase anything (gasp).  I controlled myself this time and walked out without a single pair, but I'll be back!  Check out what I have my eyes on....

studded detail on back

colorful oxfords $19.99 each

Xhilaration "Sae" pump $29.99 (on sale at my local store for $24.99, don't know if this is for all stores)

Mossimo "Vinta" ankle strap heels $29.99 (don't know if they're $24.99 in every store, but my store had a temporary price cut)

Have you spotted any new shoe goodies at your local Target?  What did you purchase or pass up?


Taima Ramsey said...

That place is just dangerous. I always go in for something house related and walk out with a new pair of shoes or jeans. Bad business.



7eventh Letter said...

Target NEVER disappoints!!! All of these shoes are bomb!!!

7eventh Letter

My Kurves said...

Yes I also like the Tribal Wedge, but my size was not available, so I will be checking Tarjay! I am following you via bloglovin.


My Kurves said...

I had to pass up the Tribal Wedge because my size was not there. I will be checking Tarjayy weekly.
I follow your blog via bloglovin.


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