Google Reader is Going Bye Bye....

As of July 1, Google Reader will be no more!  Want to continue following Cheapalicious?  Check out the alternatives below:
  • Email subscription:  To get new post updates from Cheapalicious, click here.
  • BlogLovin:  You can follow Cheapalicious (and more of your fave blogs) through this service.  To import your existing blog reads from Google Reader to Bloglovin', go here.
  • Feedly
  • Facebook:  My blog posts feed automatically to the Cheapalicious Facebook page, so if you want to get new blog post updates, as well as random coupon codes and freebies that I find, "Like" us! 
  • Twitter:  New blog posts feed to my Twitter page as well.  If you want to get your post updates this way, and don't mind total random tweets in between, follow me!

1 comment:

Bunni said...

Google is always taking away something I like :(

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