Thrift Score: My Last Haul and Failing the Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge....

So, I know you guys are wondering why I haven't posted any thrift hauls lately.  Well.....the truth is that I haven't been thrifting as much. The last time I went thrift shopping was back in July*, and after that, I kinda fell back into the habit of buying new clothes again. I guess you could say I've failed Looking Fly on a Dime's Thrifty Threads 365 challenge (no new clothes for a year, get more details of her challenge here) *hangs head in shame*.  I went almost seven months without buying any new clothes, so that's good, right?  Maybe next year, I will take on the challenge again and go a little longer.  Check out my finds below.....

  • denim skirt $4.99, Family Thrift Center
  • striped dress $10:  I actually purchased this dress from a small vintage clothing shop on Instagram.  Although this particular shop had really cute items and was reasonably priced, I will not buy from them again due to their terrible customer service.  After a week had gone by after I ordered this dress, I realized that I didn't get any correspondence from the seller.  I emailed them and asked for a tracking number and they stated that they haven't shipped it out yet.  This is actually the second time that I've ordered from them and this has happened the first time.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time because I figured since they were a small business, my order probably got overlooked.  But a second time?  Nah, I'll pass on ordering from them again.  What if I'd never contacted them about my item?  It probably would've never gotten shipped out. 

  • pencil skirt $2, Family Thrift Center
  • floral tie-neck blouse $2.50, Goodwill

  • floral blouse $0.99, Family Thrift Center
  • ruffle front blouse $2.99, Family Thrift Center

  • silk blouse $0.99, Family Thrift Center:  This looks so cute tucked into a high waist midi skirt or paired with a pencil skirt! 
  • white blazer $1.00, Family Thrift Center:  The elusive white blazer.  I've been looking for an inexpensive one for quite a while and I finally ran across it- for a price that I love!  Score!

Have you been thrifting lately?  What did you score?

*I've actually went thrifting this past Thursday and Friday, but July was the last time I've went thrifting before this past week.

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