Product Review and Affiliate Link Disclosure

Products reviewed on Cheapalicious are obtained in two ways:
  1.   Purchased with personal funds. 
  2.  Given to Cheapalicious by a brand, PR agency working on behalf of a brand, marketing affiliate, retailer, etc. 
Cheapalicious discloses how products are acquired for review, both at the top of each review and at the bottom of each review. 

Products submitted to Cheapalicious are subject to consideration. Because a product was sent for review does not guarantee that said product will receive a review on this blog. There are many factors considered before this decision is made (usefulness, performance, price, availability, etc.) and not everything received for consideration ultimately receives a review on Cheapalicious. Cheapalicious does not accept compensation for product reviews and all reviews on Cheapalicious are the sole opinion of its author. Review samples do not influence the outcome of product reviews in any way.

Affiliate links have been published on Cheapalicious as of March 2013. Cheapalicious reserves the right to use affiliate links.  Any and all future affiliate links will be clearly marked as such, both at the beginning of a post and at the end of a post.

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